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Confederate leaders aren't the only ones subject to Amend XIV ban

Constitution, Amend. XIV, sec. 3 states no person who has “previously taken an oath”to support the Constitution” who has engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the U.S. shall hold any federal or State office. Initial targets were prior leaders of the Confederacy. 1/3

They committed treason to protect the institution of slavery. More people in this country died in the Civil War than any other national emergency prior to COVID. To cast trump, et al, in the same light as Davis, Lee, et al, is apropos. 2/3

Both groups held/hold ppl in little regard. Confederate positions against ppl & human rts were more overt but even they did not waive their filthy flag in The Capitol as was done Jan 6. Who shouldn’t be allowed to hold office again: trump, et al. 3/3

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