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GOP County chair election: what about the Convention Center?

On Saturday the Marion County (Indianapolis) GOP will elect a new chair person. The County has grown more diverse. As a result its people have adopted views that are more progressive and have tended to cast votes more “blue.”

In 2020 Biden/Harris won Marion County with 63%. Joe Elsener is the candidate preferred by State GOP leaders. To reclaim Marion County elective offices, Mr Elsener said the County GOP has to recruit candidates for office and raise money.

In a letter Mr Elsener says “we all remain committed to the same set of core values that will improve our city.” A survey his campaign sent this evening asks if I am a “fiscal conservative,” a “social conservative” or attracted to the GOP for some other reason.

Progressives founded the Republican Party to oppose slavery. Unfortunately, after Wednesday’s candidates forum, I infer Mr Elsener shares his “set of core values” with trump. That means the GOP has little chance to win elective offices in Marion County.

There are issues to tackle. One is an issue that should be viewed from a historical perspective. In the mid-1800s the State of Indiana went bankrupt when investment in a State-wide canal system was out-paced by changes in technology. Trains moved things farther and faster.

City-County Council’s $155 million to expand the Convention Center is silly. COVID has made people reluctant to: (1) travel in aircraft (long, enclosed tubes where people exchange air); (2) stay in hotels (rooms can’t be 100% clean); or (3) attend events with large crowds.

The convention industry had begun to fade before COVID. Now it has taken a hit. People don’t want to travel, but sponsoring organizations can have virtual group meetings, and have them more often than an annual convention.

I doubt that Mr Elsener would want to attack the golden goose of the local convention industry. The Ballard administration, the last time the GOP held the Office of Mayor, was profligate in its courting of conventions.

In the meantime, the Marion County GOP should consider a return to the progressive roots of the GOP. That might be a better way to “win.” Voters tell elected officials what to do. Party leaders are not supposed to dictate to us, at least not in the USA.

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