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Marion County GOP: don't let the hacks win

Indiana GOP oligarchs couldn’t get the Indiana General Assembly to change a statute so their first pick for Marion County GOP chair could hold that job AND a gov’t daytime job. Their next first pick, Joe Elsener, will be absent for the March 6 caucus to attend a wedding in Nebraska. So Marion County GOP: (1) wants to recruit candidates & get new people in the County GOP; but (2) shoves aside people who challenged their first party hack in favor of a second choice hack.
Marion County Indiana GOP: so good it can’t change a law despite super-majorities in both houses of the General Assembly and a GOP Gov, and is down to 5 in the City-County Council, no Mayor of Indy and ZERO (i.e., zip, zilch, nada, none, buppkis) county-wide offices.
Indianapolis and Marion County are blue. The GOP started as a progressive party in 1854 and has to return to those roots. It’s not a matter of what will allow the Republican Party to survive. It’s the country that matters.
Two other candidates are in the race. John Schmitz is a personal friend. I’ve spoken with Alex Henby who is a fresh face with interesting ideas. If PCs want to help this community, please vote for someone other than the “party anointed One.”
If you are a Democrat or an independent or member of another party, you should join the sentiments as I just expressed. We all should want competent people in positions of political authority.

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