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Clean environment: smart & saves $!

Disbanding the structure in the Federal government meant to address pandemics was the same as getting rid of the fire department in a town, except the former has (so far) resulted in the need deaths of tens of thousands.

Here are things that have to be done by the next U.S. Rep for INCD5: reverse the damage done. When an agency is headed by a person who long has advocated for its elimination, the results cannot be good.

My opponents Abernathy, Bales, Beckwith, Brizzi, Dietzen, Henderson, Hullinger, Mitchell, Niederberger, and Spartz say, in one way or another, they are against regulations and Federal actions that “over reach.”

One frequent target of “very fine people,” (Google “trump” & “Charlottesville”) like these of my opponents, is the EPA, headed by Andrew Wheeler, formerly of the coal industry. One of the achievements of the Nixon administration was creation of the EPA.

A clean environment is good. The photos, at the start of California’s stay at home order, of a smogless sky over Los Angeles, give an indication of the effects of even a short respite from air pollution.

A clean environment also is smart - as in $AVE$ MONEY. Oil and coal are finite resources. Only so many dinosaurs died and decayed over millions of (not 6,000) years. Windmills don’t cause cancer and solar energy works - even at night.

But wait! There’s more! More people can be employed in clean and renewable energy industries than in the dying industries tied to fossil fuels. At the end of 2016, approximately 50,000, coal miners worked in the USA. (Fed Reserve Report, 4/21/17.)

We should fund training people still employed in coal to work in clean energy industries. There would be long-term savings in several forms. Fewer people would die from black lung disease, to name just one, if you value $ over lives.

If trump weren’t such a chicken s - rhymes with “hit” and is rather smelly - he would have said “I am disbanding EPA.” Instead, he places people in charge who will destroy the agency in question. That’s because most people WANT clean air and clean water.

I would love to debate these and other policy issues in the campaign, but my aforementioned opponents share trump’s quality of fowl offal - some social media sites censor; friends know I have a broader range of profanity, vulgarity and even scatology than trump.

The worst are Beckwith - who bragged about how great he is at debate, agreed to debate me, then chickened out - and Abernathy, who challenged anyone to debate. I accepted. I never heard back from him. At a campaign thing in Elwood he wouldn’t speak to me.

The most common phobia is fear of speaking in public, but that’s not good when you run for public office and challenge people to debate. For that matter it is imprudent to laud one’s self as willing to debate, then slink away.

If they won’t debate me, you can watch the videos I stream. I discuss issues, but with clarity and knowledge, unlike my aforementioned opponents. E-mail me - - and I’ll see if I can address questions.

While we’re at it, I guess the GOP does not want me around. I was not invited to a May 12 virtual town hall for GOP candidates in INCD5. Any rational person should be disgusted by these idiots in the GOP primary; I would have shown them all up.

I’m Mark Small, GOP candidate in INCD5's June 2 primary. I’m pro-choice, pro-environment, anti-war and anti-dt. I’m not too chicken to debate, unlike my aforementioned opponents. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it.    

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Comment by Mark Small on May 18, 2020 at 6:14am

The old story is that Lincoln, once challenged to a duel, said that, as the person challenged, he had choice of distance and choice of weapons. "Cow dung at one hundred paces" supposedly was his reply. I'd make that 50 paces, as I don't believe any of my challengers can make it to 100 - or 50, for that matter. And, after you saw me throw my "heater" at Rowdy's dunk tank at Vic Field a couple of years ago, you know my strengths in that department.

Comment by pogden297 on May 17, 2020 at 8:57pm

Forget the debate, challenge them to a duel.  Turn back the clock to the 19th Century.

Of course, if you have to fight a duel, you might change your mind about guns.


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