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Called late to dinner? RAINS Const'n [& Citizenship] Day Dinner misses by 10 days!

The Constitution was signed by 36 delegates on September 17, 1787. [FN1] Congress designated September 17 “Constitution and Citizenship Day,” a federal holiday. [FN2] The date is specific because the event is well-documented. [FN3] We do not celebrate the 4th of July on 7/14. 1/9

On September 28 “The Constitution Day Dinner” will be held in Evansville & hosted by RAINS. [FN4] PROBLEMS:
1) They got the wrong date for the holiday;
2) They ignore the “Citizenship.” part (maybe that term implies non-white people); 2/9

3) They say answer to USA moral decline is return to beliefs & morality “our Founding Fathers placed into Constitution,” but
a) “God” isn’t mentioned in the resolution that authorized Const’l Convention [FN5] or text of The Const’n;
b) Ppl opposed Const’n because it wasn’t sufficiently religious. N Carolina held a 2d (in 1789) convention after the 1st voted “no” (in 1788). [FN6] 3/9

3) They a) imply Adams was a framer of “that document” [FN7];
b) omit Adams was in France & Netherlands;
c) & only read Const’n when sent a copy while in England;
d) therefore was not a Framer [FN8]; &
e) the letter was 10 yrs after Convention. 4/9

4) “Founders” of this country weren’t only the white, male landowners able to vote in 1787, but includes women, enslaved people (including women), indigenous people (including women).
5) People died so that the Civil War amendments were enacted and everyone had rights. 5/9

Of course! Keynote speaker of The September 28 Const’n Day Dinner is Micah Beckwith, a man whose self-identity as an ignoramus is out of reach of his vocabulary by 3 syllables. I will address more on Beckwith in my next post. Watch for details of our Constitution Day fete! 6/9

Footnotes: FN1. Collier & Collier, Decision in Philadelphia, 2007 ed., pp. 340-41. FN2. 36 U.S.C. § 106, enacted 2005. FN3. E.g., “In witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names.” The Constitution; The Anti-Federalist Papers, 2003 ed., pp. 172-177.

Footnotes: FN4. “Republicans Assembly INdiana Southwest.” FN5. Journals of the Continental Congress, Vol. 32, pp. 73-74. FN6. See, Dr. Troy L Kickler,

Footnotes: FN7. National Archives defines “Framers” as the 55 delegates who attended, at one time or another, the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia from May to Sept 17, 1787. FN8. McCullough, David, “John Adams,” 2001 ed., pp. 378-79.

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