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All are not equal in the eyes of the Christian Nationalist "god."

Micah Beckwith [FN1]says he is a “Christian Nationalist.” In June, 2020, Beckwith, on FB, praised Sean Feucht: “Him and I are very similar and saw the assault happening in this nation on our freedoms, and specifically our religious freedoms.” On 03/18/23 Beckwith promoted 1/7

Feucht’s 5/7/23 event at our Statehouse with “TPUSA Faith’s ‘Kingdom To The Capital.’ Sean Feucht will be leading worship! You won’t want to miss it.” Improper grammar (“Him and I”) + incorrect spelling (“Capital” when Feucht’s poster read “Capitol”) = a Beckwith post. 2/7

PROBLEM 1: Feucht calls “for Christian nationalism” & says the USA “should be governed according to biblical law for the benefit of believers” to prepare for the 2nd coming of Christ. [FN2] Feucht doesn’t say this is “a Christian nation” w/all equally protected under law. 3/7

Feucht says the USA should be governed “for the benefit of believers” and that’s “why we get called ‘Christian nationalists.'”
PROBLEM 2: Beckwith’s belief that “only Christians can be moral” w/Beckwith in power: 4/7

Beckwith (1) judges nonbelievers as beneath morality (2) will use Christians who don’t agree w/him until he has power & no longer needs their help. The Framers studied history, knew of The Reformation & its carnage of Christian vs Christian, & sought to separate church and State. 5/7

Footnotes: FN1. Hamilton County preacher who lost in the 2020 GOP primary for INCD5, was appointed to the board of the Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) and has announced he seeks the GOP nomination for Lt Gov in 2024. FN2. Rolling Stone, 04/21/23. 6/7

Footnotes: FN4. In a 10/24/19 video titled “The Church’s role in politics,” Beckwith says “the church” provides the morality America was founded on and that you cannot be moral if you are a “Hindu, an atheist or a Jew.” 7/7

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