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Blog 24-104: So sayeth the candidate

Micah Beckwith has claimed he has talks w/”The Lord” about events or matters specific to Beckwith’s run for IN Lt Gov. [FN1] Temptation to use satire to lampoon an extremist candidate, like Beckwith is great. We also need to address the chats seriously and as falsehoods..1/11

There seem to have been two “chats.” The first was described by Beckwith in a “selfie” video Beckwith shot in his car: “I sent those riots to Washington. What you saw yesterday [01/06/21] was my hand at work.” Several points: 1) “The Lord” (per Beckwith) says they were riots. 2/11

Beckwith does not indicate he contacted attorneys for any of the Jan 6 defendants to offer this as evidence of their innocence.. 2) In the video, Beckwith seems to make it up as he goes along. In no way does he display awe or humility characteristic of people in the Old Testament. 3/11

3) Beckwith says “The Lord” is wrong. Asked about the selfie last fall, Beckwith said, “Yeah. I didn’t say I liked it [] the Lord is doing and allowing ... people to do things like [] Jan 6. Now, I don't think it was an insurrection by any stretch of the imagination.” [FN2] 4/11

Hubris, bordering on blasphemy, leaps out from Beckwith’s mouth at a campaign stop, a week before the convention, in Nappanee. The “Lord” said “‘Micah, if you do not get involved in the political battle, they will warp and destroy everything that I have set up in this nation... 5/11

that is rooted in Judeo-Christian principles.’ Those principles go away, then our nation goes away.” [FN3] Two points: Beckwith’s supreme deity needs Beckwith to get into the game or all that work will go away. That deity must be some kind of wimp. But there’s more! 6/11

In intercollegiate debate, when one creates a quote from thin air, it’s called “falsification.” If a debater falsifies evidence s/he/they are disqualified from the round, the tournament, and maybe the season. I don’t think any deity of Beckwith’s spoke to him or mentioned 7/11

Judeo-Christian principles. However, since 2020 I’ve said a) Beckwith, Merde de Poulet, wanted to debate me; b) then ran away when I accepted & c) none of the Founding Documents mentions this is a Christian nation. Beckwith can’t add words to those documents. 8/11

However, Beckwith can quote a deity who never spoke to him and say, “That’s the evidence.” A final point: 4) “The Lord” uses the word “riots” incorrectly. ” A “riot” is “a noisy, violent public disorder...” [FN4] A “riot” is not a tangible thing to be sent. [FN4]. 9/11

FN1. Ham County preacher, aborted an appointed position as board member of Hamilton Public Library; won GOP nomination for IN LT Gov by delegates to the GOP State convention.
FN2. Wren, Adam, “Confessions of a (non)-book banner,” Importantville, 09/24/23. 10/11

FN3. “People say, wow, that’s super extreme. No, it’s not”: What Micah Beckwith is telling GOP delegates to win them over,” Nathan Gotsch, 6/10/24.
FN4. Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary 2d ed., 2001, p. 1659. 11/11

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