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We all should fear Beckwith, the Indiana GOP nominee for Lt Governor. In April a person said to me: “Beckwith on the GOP ticket is good for the Democrats.” I replied: “Never should hope the worst people on the other side in elections get the nominations.” It’s not a game. 1/9

Elections are to sporting contests as Supreme Court justices are to umpires in baseball: they’re not. The futures of our country & world are at stake. Once Beckwith gets the power he craves, he won’t want to give it up [FN1] & will be ready from “Day One.” [FN2] Experience? 2/9

Beckwith has held public office. He was spirited onto HEPL’s board of trustees [FN3] He was in a 4-3 (temporary) majority that pushed to remove “smut” from shelves in a youth section. In the end, Hamilton County was made a laughingstock, the policy forced HEPL to waste $, & 3/9

Beckwith demonstrated his ignorance how libraries catalogue books. Once he was in a minority 3-4, and he was not free to bully, he quit. Beckwith should be proud of such a fantastic job. IT IS NOT LISTED ON THE POSTER THAT BEARS HIS NAME. Why’d he resign? 4/9

To focus on his “candidacy for lieutenant governor.” [FN4] Beckwith needs to expand the fuzzy vista of his incompetence beyond Hamilton County. He wants to do to the entire State what he did there in Fishers. Beckwith wants a theocracy & doesn’t know The Constitution. 5/9

Also, this is a significant step for Beckwith. Women, People of color, LGBTQ+ people, and any non-Christians should be worried. I don’t limit that to Indiana. All of us should be worried. If the GOP ticket wins, one person should be worried most. Braun needs a food tester. 6/9

FN1. A poster circulated that compares qualifications of Rep McGuire & Beckwith in 2 parallel columns. The poster lacks a disclaimer required by statute. I.C. § 3-14-1-3) People have a right to know if a candidate authorized such a poster. 7/9

FN2. This trump’s answer, when asked if he would be a dictator, of “Day One.” Tim Reid, “Trump: I won't be a dictator if I become U.S. president again,” Reuters, 12/5/23. 8/9

FN3. In 2022, w/o public notice & past 15 others not considered, Beckwith was appointed. Rudolph, Change.Org, “Remove Micah Beckwith from HEPL Library Board”, 2/25/23.
FN4 “Indiana library board replaces ultra-conservative pastor,” IndyStar, 2/9/24. 9/9

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