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trump didn't endorse Beckwith, the Christofascist

Tomorrow is the xGOP State convention. Here are some important points:
1) This iteration of the GOP (“xGOP”) is a corporate entity w/benefits (e.g., automatic placement on the ballot of its candidates, public finances for its PR (a/k/a primary elections).) 1/10

2) Far-right Terre Haute attorney James Bopp, central to creating xGOP & voters will find trying to re-take xGOP back nearly impossible.
3) xGOP has no valid claim it’s the “Party of Lincoln”: it would gut protections for civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, positions Republican Party advanced for most of its history. 2/10

4) 1920: D.C. Stephenson came to Indiana & switched from Democratic Party because winning IN elections was easier as a Republican.
5) Stephenson recruited for the KKK and acquired power fast.
6) Estimates vary, but 100K to 300,000K attended 7/4/1923 KKK rally outside Kokomo. 3/10

7) It’s estimated > 500K white, Protestant Hoosier males were “Kluxers.”
8) 1925: Stephenson abducted & raped Madge Oberholzer; was convicted & sent to prison for her homicide.
9) Those white, Protestant Hoosier males did not do a 180 & abandon racism.
10) Christian nationalism is an ideological descendant of Indiana’s KKK of the early 1920s. 4/10

11) Hamilton County preacher Micah Beckwith seeks the xGOP nomination for Lt Gov.
12) Beckwith says in his talks w/“The Lord” that “The Lord” claimed credit “for sending those riots” (i.e., January/6) & implored Beckwith to become active politically else “The Lord’s” 5/10

work will be destroyed.
13) Beckwith held public office: board member of Ham County Pub Library. Policies he pushed drew national derision.
14) Beckwith says only “Christians,” not Hindus, Muslims or agnostics, are capable of being moral. 6/10

Tomorrow, xGOP will nominate a candidate for Lt Gov. I just learned trump has passed over Beckwith & endorsed someone else for Lt Gov. Beckwith might pull out or see how much groveling it takes to get trump’s support. On a more personal note, in 2020 7/10

Beckwith wanted to debate me. I accepted. He’s stupid & ignorant of The Constitution. Maybe someone talked sense into him because that debate didn’t happen. Another reason he should be reluctant to debate me: he lies. His base might love that in politics, but in debate 8/10

falsification of evidence earns DQ (disqualified) FOR A SEASON. Beckwith says “The Lord” referred to the “Judeo Christian” gov’t “The Lord” set up in the USA. Beckwith would be tossed from debate for a season. He should be tossed fr Hoosier politics. Beckwith wants power 9/10

to advance Christofascism. (And his little pals should stop the “Micah would stomp him,” the “him” being me. I’m sincere when I say you’re as smart as Beckwith, but Merde de Poulet himself wanted to debate me. I want to give him every opportunity.) 10/10

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