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Often the person who shouts “morality” loudest lacks that quality. Indiana’s GOP convention, on 6/15/24, nominated Hamilton County preacher Micah Beckwith, 891 to 828, over Rep Julie McGuire, the nominal pick of GOP primary winner Sen Mike Braun. There are indicators 1/11

Braun was not enthusiastic about McGuire as a #2. (E.g., Braun’s campaign emails, touting McGuire, were sent to delegates the morning of the convention). He can say his effort to name a woman for #2 was spoiled by those darn delegates. [FN1] Beckwith blames America’s 2/11

problems on the country’s straying from Christian principles. [FN2] The problem: Beckwith says “the church” provides the morality America was founded on and that you cannot be moral if you are a “Hindu, an atheist or a Jew.” [FN3] Worse? 3/11

Beckwith says he chats w/”The Lord.” Examples are troubling examples. He claimed on 1/7/21, that “The Lord” told him “I sent those riots” to D.C. on Jan 6. Beckwith does not say why he didn’t relay this claim to attorneys for Jan 6 defendants. And a week ago Beckwith said 4/11

“The Lord” told him the Judeo Christian gov’t system “The Lord” set up would be destroyed if Beckwith did not enter politics. [FN4] Beckwith, as Needed, can add details of prior “chats” or create entirely new chats and claim divine sponsorship . Worst? Beckwith in 2023 5/11

announced a 5/7/23, event at The Statehouse. That was an appearance by Sean Feucht, who calls “for Christian nationalism” & says USA “should be governed according to biblical law for the benefit of believers.” [FN5] Many have good reason for fear if the GOP wins that race. 6/11

Christians who mistakenly believe Beckwith shares their views should read history and see how Christian zealots in power tend to kill a lot of other Christians, as in the Reformation. One person who should fear a Lt Gov Beckwith most of all is Braun, whom Beckwith could replace. 7/11

Braun should get a remote to start his car in the morning. Also, he should abruptly & at random change his daily schedule. The Chancellor of Germany, 1933-1945, did that. Then again, the Chancellor of Germany only had Himmler, Heydrich, and Goering to worry about. 8/11

FN1. Braun graduated from Wabash College. There are good people who graduated from that school. However, it is an all-male college. That means a bit over half of the human race (women) cannot be a peer of his. 9/11

FN2. Nathan Gotsch, Fort Wayne Politics, 6/10/24.
FN3. Beckwith, Facebook video, In a 10/24/19 video titled “The Church’s role in politics,” 10/24/19. 10/11

FN4. Wren, “Confessions of an (Alleged) booik banner,” Importantville, 9/24/23.
FN5. 3/18/23 Facebook post for Feucht’s 05/07/23 “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour. 11/11

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