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Beckwith as Lt Gov lacks authority to carry out his scary policies

Maybe it’d be fun to call Micah Beckwith [FN1] a gussied-up name, [FN2] but he doesn’t seem to read. As an HEPL board member, he did not seem to have read books in that library. Now he appears not to have read a description of an office, Lt Gov, he seeks via end run. 1/10

Beckwith’s “action plan for serving” as Lt Gov is redolent of a 1924 minority that ruled Indiana from offices on the Circle. The head of IN’s KKK, D.C. Stephenson, ran the State, but could not, as a candidate, win an election. That’s just like Beckwith, who is doing an end-run. 2/10

The GOP selects its nominee for Lt Gov at the State GOP convention in June. Beckwith is busy stacking up delegates. IN’s Gov has relatively little power. [FN3] Lt Gov has less. Any Gov is a fool to allow Beckwith outside the constitutional and statutory duties of Lt Gov. 3/10

Beckwith’s nose in the tent means the tent is Beckwith’s. Resist? Beckwith has a hole card. “The Lord” talks w/Beckwith about political issues.
Let’s say IN Lt Gov allows Beckwith to carry out his “action plan.” This turns really scary. 4/10

“Education: Say goodbye to the woke agenda in our schools! I'll ensure our children learn essential fundamentals, Constitutional literacy, and inspire them with the greatness of our nation's values.” The values are Beckwith’s. He says “the church” provides 5/10

the morality America was founded on and you can’t be moral if you are a “Hindu, an atheist or a Jew.” [FN4] I was born, raised & educated in Indiana. I base the following example from my experiences as a Hoosier. A teacher asks a 4th grader to step outside class for a talk. 6/10

Teacher asks the child for a favor. The child nods. “Will you ask Jesus Christ to be your personal Savior?” The child nods again. Teacher smiles. “Good. I’ve been so worried about you. You won’t tell your parents, will you?” This only occurs after a lot of other pressures. 7/10

Beckwith wants freedom of his religion. If you are incapable of being moral, you don’t count. Down the road of this theocracy comes more overt discrimination. Parents who do not believe could be charged w/the ultimate child abuse: eternal torment in evangelical hell. 8/10

FN1. Hamilton County preacher, lost 2020 GOP primary for INCD5; resigned as board member of Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL); says he seeks 2024 GOP nomination IN Lt Gov.
FN2. Also, I always shall cherish Beckwith having called me “an idiot,” and I do not want to imply he is a peer of mine on a higher level than he merits. 9/10

FN3. E.g., a veto can be overridden by simple majorities Ind.Const. Art. V, sec 14(a).
FN4. 10/24/19 FB video by Beckwith, The Church’s role in politics.” 10/10

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