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Wishful thinking: Romney is trying to blow this electon.

   Quotes aired or otherwise made public over the past several days have made me wonder how the Romney/Ryan ticket still has a shot at victory in 49 days:

   -Romney’s statements to fundraisers in which he writes off 47% of the American people as people whose votes will not bother to elicit curry, and as people who live off government handouts and should learn to fend for themselves.

   -Romney’s criticism of President Obama, in the same speech, as a person who has been divisive in campaign tactics and rhetoric. I do not know whether that criticism was before or after Romney’s "47%" gaffe.

   -Romney’s bemoaning, last week, of a perceived inability of the United States to fight a two-front war. He seemed almost joyful at the prospects of United States troops engaged in combat in two places at the same time. Of course, George W. Bush fought two wars at the same time—and concomitantly lowered taxes. Those actions by Bush, plus easing of restrictions on big banks, led to the financial meltdown of 2008. Bush’s actions put us in the financial Mess President Obama then tried to clean up. To get back to the warfare thing, though, Romney sat out the Vietnam War as a Mormon missionary to France. Less wealthy people did not enjoy such options or advantages.

   -Romney’s refusals to provide details for any programs he would propose, while at the same time polls show lack of details as a Romney weakness in the minds of many voters.

   -Rick Santorum’s statement that the smart people never will be on "our"—Santorum’s folks’—side.

   Romney’s remarks to fundraisers were notable for several reasons. One some might have missed was the Romney’s ease of manner. Romney’s been a public speaker for decades, yet he has a bad habit of interjecting audible pauses in speeches. He hesitates, as if uncertain what to say for fear his audience will be alienated. When he spoke to those fundraisers, though, he rattled on without much hesitation. He spoke straight from his Grinch-sized heart.

   The last time I read anyone’s complaints about a two-front war was on the first page of Mein Kampf.  Even Hitler was opposed to the idea, albeit not on humanitarian grounds. Romney is irked we can’t spend more on our military and kill more people in more places.

   Romney’s refusal to provide details for programs when the polls show people want to know such details should not surprise me. I am part of the 47% that would not vote for him in any event. I also do not make $200K per year. That means I do not qualify as "middle class" as Romney understands the term. Romney has disdain for "the people," so it is no surprise he will not give them what they want: a coherent statement of what he would do in office.

   Santorum’s statement answers the wonder I expressed at the top of this blog.

   I hope Romney succeeds in pulling others of the GOP down. If President Obama were to have a super-majority in both houses, real change might come to this country. In the meantime, days end with replays of impromptu press conferences held by Romney to "fix" the latest campaign screw-up. Then I watch Jon Stewart.          



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