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Today's Show: Resident Imam Mikal Saahir of Nur-Allah Islamic Center, to discuss Islam; and Karl Scharnberg, Republican Party candidate for Indiana House, 96st District.

   Ignorance breeds fear. Fear begets hatred. Hatred feeds war.

   The events in the Middle East this past week have been tragic. For years many people in this country have said hateful things about each other. One target group for anger has been the Islamic community. My use of the phrase "Islamic community" is inaccurate, as the Muslim religion is comprised of groups who view their faith in different ways. It is interesting that amongst the written materials in Osama bin Laden’s compound a year ago this past May were notes that decedent made about his anger over the ways in which the United States had shifted the focus of the United States public from Islam to Al Quaeda. He even pondered changing the name of his organization.

   Over the past year I have wanted to do a show about Islam. The Main reason is that I do not remember having seen a television show that comprehensively explains what Islam is. Last week, before the most recent turmoil erupted, I contacted the Nur-Allah Islamic Center in Indianapolis. The Resident Imam, Mikal Saahir, responded and graciously accepted our invitation to him to appear on "Civil Discourse Now." He will be one of our guests in segments during which we discuss with him Islam: its history, the nature of its beliefs, and aspects of it as a religion that people do not understand.  

   Another guest, in earlier segments, will be Karl Scharnberg, Republican candidate for Indiana House of Representatives in the 96th District. That district roughly follows Fall Creek Parkway from 17th to 71st Streets. His opponents are the incumbent, Democrat Gregory Porter, and Libertarian Wesley Bishop.

   We shoot at 11a.m. and go on-line at 3 p.m.

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