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Twitter is a place now where it's difficult to enthusiastically blog

A “public square” owned by an individual isn’t public. I’ve posted on Twitter for > 5 yrs & not always agreed w/rules set by those in charge. Since its purchase by Elon Musk, many have left Twitter. To stay on is difficult because of legitimacy it might lend to Mr Musk’s views. 1/4

He has “suggested a drawn-out war could not end with a Ukrainian victory” as Forbes reported, and Mr Musk wanted to poll whether regions of Ukraine taken by Russia should remain part of Ukraine. He employed basic math to say Ukraine’s resistance will only end in more deaths. 2/4

By Mr Musk’s reasoning, invasions in history could have ended in fewer deaths if weaker lands they invaded surrendered. Ceding territory to Hitler did not end mass deaths 1933-45. Putin is in an unenviable position & reportedly soiled his trousers when he stumbled on the stairs. 3/4

Did Putin void his bowels as he neared a window? Defenestration is how many in positions of prominence in Russia leave those positions and, well, life. Would Mr Musk have cheered on Chamberlain? It’s tough to blog & give Mr Musk’s views plausibility, but 4 now, I’ll stay. 4/4

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