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Trump's sleight of hand and stolen election

   American distrust of those in power is woven into The Constitution. Cynicism about politicians is a deeper distrust that seems more recent.
   American audiences always, it seems, have trusted magicians. Magic tricks only work by sleight of hand and suspension of the audience’s disbelief. The audience focuses on the right hand, while the real “trick” is performed by the left hand  
   Yesterday a member of Russia’s legislature bragged that Russian intelligence stole the American presidency.
   Many presume candidates for public office lie and once in office, are “on the take”—recipients of improper, perhaps illegal, material benefits.
   Early in his campaign, Donald Trump boasted he is so rich, he cannot be bought.  He refused to disclose his income tax returns, as every candidate, D or R, for Prez since the 1970s has done. Trump falsely claimed he could not disclose his returns (and the equally important attached schedules) because he was being audited.  
   There are several reasons Trump would conceal his income tax returns, First: he is a very “private” person. A person as boastful as Trump (“I have very large hands”) is not “private.”
   Other reasons are cause for concern.
   The returns might show Trump is not as rich as he has boasted his entire public life. If he is not that rich, he can, and, perhaps, already has been, bought by Russia.
   Also, disclosure of his tax returns would show his ties to Russia. Trump fans (the thirty-eight percent of Republicans who believe everything Trump says is true and anything negative about Trump, even from Trump’s own mouth, is a “false fact”) see Trump as master of the “art of the deal.” Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” was ghost-written for Trump. Trump is lousy in business. Vladimir Putin has a tendency to call in what is owed to him.
   There are more reasons Trump has sold out or caved in to Russia. Russia might “have” something on Trump. The purchase, by Russian interests, for sixty million dollars of a property with an appraised value of two million dollars might look like a brilliant business deal. To Federal law enforcement it is one way organized crime launders money. Trump Tower is used so often it is like a Russian laundromat.     Russia also could “have” something on Trump in some other form of kompromisitat.
   Each day we face national crises. North Korea tests rockets, then a hydrogen bomb. Hurricanes (glad there’s nothing to that bunk about human-induced climate change} hit Texas and Florida. Some say “forget about the election.” Trump must deal with these crises. However, these crises let Trump use his right hand to attract the focus of the American people as his left hand does things in service, or cover ties, to Russia.
   If the President was placed in office by Russia, how many of these crises either are created or fostered by Trump? How many are exacerbated by Trump?
   I am counsel of record in Bailey, et al v. United States, et al, dkt. 16-1464, the only legal action that seeks an independent investigation into the 2016 election and, if collusion is found to have occurred between the GOP campaign and Russia, the election be declared void ab initio.  The case is set for conference 9/25/17.  
  If you agree that, at the very least, an independent investigation be conducted, please share this blog with three other people, and ask the same of them. The stolen election of 2016 is the gravest constitutional crisis our country has faced since 1865. 

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