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Today---the Indianapolis 500 Festival Mini-Marathon! Good luck to everyone and: let's be careful out there.

   Today I will participate in my 16th consecutive "Mini." Two years ago I slowed down just past mile 10 and took the bus to the finish live. Otherwise, I have made it all 13.1 miles on foot each year.

   I was gratified this week when David Barris, on Channel 8, did a piece about my participation in the Mini and my diagnosis with MS in 1994. When I was diagnosed, the MS had rendered my legs immobile. I began to walk as therapy, and later used the challenge of the Mini to walk the 13.1 miles as a way of flipping the "bird" at the disease. I hope that story gives people with similar challenges a positive notion in what can be overwhelming negative thoughts and concepts. I wish the best of luck to everyone who will participate. The year, 2012, I rode the bus, I learned a lot about others and why they chose to take on a pretty big course. The folks with whom I rode that day gave me a different and equally positive outlook.

   Matt Stone will guest host The Show, in my absence. I am certain he has been plotting all these months for just such an occasion. If I get to The Antelope Club, from which we will broadcast, and he is playing electronic weirdo-music and giving a review of the latest Super-hero movie, my suspicions will be confirmed. Kim Schultz will give her "Fashion News and Muse," Brandon will give his "take" on sports, and the always-corrupt Mayor Mallard's machinations in the town of Marionville, Indiana, will be chronicled on "A Tail of the City."

   Best of luck to all who will be in The Mini. Be safe out there.     

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