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Gary Welsh and Paul Ogden: why I've blogged about David Ford's "stealth" candidacy in the 5th Congressional District.

   Gary Welsh's "Advance Indiana" and Paul Ogden's "Ogden on Politics" are blogs I read. I disagree with them on a wide variety of issues, but respect them for the views they hold.

   Yesterday Gary posted a question about my recent blogs in regard to David Ford, who appears to be a "tea party" candidate, but running in the Fifth Congressional District Democratic Party primary. On FaceBook yesterday, Gary asked why I obsessed over this guy, noting that even if David Ford wins the primary, a Democratic candidate has no chance in the general election. Paul agreed, saying he does not know why I am making such a big deal about it, since David Ford has no chance in the general election.

   There are several reasons I have written several blogs in regard to David Ford and the fraud he is attempting to perpetrate against the electorate in the 5th Congressional District.

   1) He is running for the seat that represents the Congressional District in which I live. That makes the election very important to me, personally.

   2) He has refused to answer questions about specific issues and core beliefs. "Transparency" in candidates as to their stands on issues and their core philosophies is generally an accepted value, by voters, in elections.

   3)  Gary and Paul both rail against dishonesty in government---e.g., pay-to-play contracts. Honesty about a candidate's stand on specific issues and core philosophy are about as basic matters can get when it comes to a desire for "honesty" in a candidate.

   4) David Ford's candidacy would have the effect, were he to win, of disenfranchising those of us who want someone who represents values and stands on issues more consistent with those considered held by Democrats---and read the blogs I have written in the past week; I address what such values generally are. David Ford gives general, vague answers. If he wins the primary---a possibility, given the expected low voter turnout---he could take away my chance to vote for a candidate to the left of Re. Brooks. I would have a choice between Right Wing and Far Right Wing. That is not a choice. The overwhelming people in the Democratic Party---I would say the United States, too, but let's just stick with the Democratic Party for now---reject the obstructionism that has characterized "tea party" tactics in the United States Congress.

   5) An irony is David Ford, who runs in the Democratic Party but who appears to be a "tea party" candidate, would embrace the principles of a populist movement. As one "tea party" web site says, one of its goals is to restore power to the people. If "power to the people" via a populist-type party is the goal, a stealth candidacy is antithetical. A "stealth" candidate seeks to fly under the radar---or, to be more consistent with the metaphor "through the radar undetected"---to win an election. In other words, David Ford---unlike conservative David Stockdale who is a candidate in the Republican primary against Rep. Brooks and who holds views with which I mostly disagree, but who is straightforward about those beliefs and gives the electorate a clear view of where he stands---seeks to hide from the public his stands on issues. If David Ford believes a majority of Democratic Party voters in the 5th Congressional District embrace "tea party" principles, such as those principles are, he should come out and tell the voters.

   Both Gary and Paul probably are right on the bottom line. The winner of the Democratic Party primary for the 5th Congressional District has little chance in the general election. So damn what? That does not validate gutting the process and allowing voters a choice only of Right Wing and Farther Right Wing. I like those little stickers, in red-white-and-blue, handed out on election days: "I Vote/I Count." When a candidate, such as David Ford, obfuscates to win nomination, my vote, in substance, does not count.

   If you live in the 5th Congressional District and are a Republican and are dissatisfied with the job Representative Susan Brooks has done, vote in the Republican primary for David Stockdale. As I have said, I don't agree with him, but he is an honorable man, to the extent he has run a campaign in which he has expressed his stands on the issues. If you are a Democrat, vote either for Allen Ray Davidson or Shawn Denney. Each of those men has been straightforward and honest about their positions.

   I hope I have explained why I believe this matter is important.  


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