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This iteration of the GOP & comprehensive gun control...

Just in case one wondered, this iteration of the GOP has not announced any comprehensive plan to address mass shootings. An October, 2015, article in Rolling Stone noted “Republican presidents from Richard Nixon – who wanted a federal ban on handguns... 1/4

“to Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush all voiced support for gun control. George H.W. Bush was so furious at the NRA’s extremism that he renounced his lifetime membership during his term in the White House.” Guns kill people. Gun culture spurs proliferation of guns. 2/4

We should access the hard drives of computers of mass shooters. We should see if there are any guys whose writings are consistently popular amongst the mass shooters. If nothing else we can hold them up for ridicule. 3/4

They don’t want guns to fight tyranny. They want to be the tyrants. I’m Mark Small: anti-gun, pro-choice, pro environment, pro-separation of church & State GOP candidate for Indiana House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 4/4

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