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THAT'S why Don Marsh smiled in all those commercials!

   This is a tale of two trials. Of the two, pick the trial that dominated the front page of what used to be the daily newspaper with the largest circulation in Indiana.

   One trial is a Federal criminal prosecution in which the liberty of two individuals is at stake. The other trial is a Federal civil lawsuit in which a multi-million-dollar corporation has sued and been counter-sued by a multi-millionaire.

   One trial involves allegations that the defendants, one of whom has close ties to the administration of th former governor, violated Federal fraud and other laws in a transaction in that resulted in the purchase of a building for lease to an agency of the State. The other case involves allegations about sex and money.

   In one trial, former Indiana government officials testify about possible violations of various laws that resulted in what were alleged to be illegally-obtained loans. The other case involves allegations about sex, a—"body" count? "head" count? Anything will sound sexist and offensive—tally of mistresses, a lavish lifestyle, and money.

   In one trial the prosecution painted a landscape that some could characterize as expressive of corruption and greed. In the other trial, the plaintiff/counter-defendants’ counsel and defendant/counter-plaintiff’s counsel painted a landscape that most would characterize as expressive of sex and greed.

   The choice: (alleged) corruption/greed or sex/greed.

   If you chose "sex," not only are you correct, but your mind probably is in the gutter.

   The Bales/Spencer trial ended this week with the acquittal, on all counts, of the two defendants. Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana has covered the story very well—far better than The Indianapolis Star. That newspaper has no excuse for a "pass" on the story. One could say, "Well, but the trial is on South Bend." That is true. However, most of the players and witnesses have high-profiles in Indianapolis and Indiana. Come on, Peyton Manning? Besides, that newspaper certainly finds a way to cover Notre Dame football games. Then again, Notre Dame really is not in South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame is its own political entity: Notre Dame, Indiana.

   I guess sex—not corruption that, as alleged, could be at the core of our State’s government—sells newspapers, few as those sales may be. Don Marsh always had a smile on his face when they shot those commercials. Now we know the reason for the smile. I’m surprised, though, he did not look exhausted—if for no other reason than all that travel. Five mistresses might wear a guy out, but Don probably has access to various things like human growth hormone, testosterone, Viagra® and other things to get an old guy "up." Performance enhancing drugs, those PEDs, are not only there to enhance the performance of athletes. Besides, for older, retired CEOs, they’re legal. What’s not legal is trying to write them off as business expenses, unless Mr. Marsh was a gigolo. I am not alleging that. Gigolos are not the people who pay for the sex.

   Of course, Bales and Spencer were acquitted on all counts. Their counsel did a decent job of lawyering. Don might not grin if his jury comes back with a big judgment against him on both the lawsuit he faces and his counter-claim.

   As guests on The Show today we will welcome blogger and former candidate for Indianapolis City-County Council Pat Andrews and Indianapolis attorney and former City-County Councillor Karen Celestino-Horseman. We stream at 11 a.m. You can watch us on U Stream or listen to us on Indiana Talks dot com.


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