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Diversity: please help CDN in that goal. Also: Want free publicity? Contact me.

   Unlike Charles Foster Kane, I did not sit down one night and write a "Declaration of Principles." The Show only has two rules: (1) Don’t wears stripes and (2) Don’t talk at the same time as someone else. There are goals for what we do, although those goals never have been stated specifically as such. We seek to inform and educate—ourselves and guests as well as our audience. We seek to address topics of interest in ways and from perspectives people might not have encountered. We try to entertain—to make The Show interesting and fun, for the audience as well as those on The Show.


   We have tried to make the members of the panel of diverse of a background as possible. We have had, as guest panelists, anarchists, socialists, advocates for various and divergent rights, and members of at least seven political parties. As one can see from our video streams, the gender and ethnicity of our panelists has not been so diverse. Our co-hosts are two white males (Paul Ogden and me). Also, our guests usually are white males. Our aim is to have diversity of views. I believe this is fostered by a diversity of guest panelists. Those who would like to appear on Civil Discourse Now should please contact me on by e-mail, Let me know the topic you would like to address. 


   Matt Student, who writes the blog IndyStudent and who has been a frequent guest panelist on The Show, says I often observe events and issues from the perspective of my own experience. (To be more precise, he says things like "When are you going to say ‘When I was Student Body President at DePauw...?’ [fill in the blanks for the topic in question.]) His characterization is not unfair. Perspective is shaped by experience.

   When I was a kid, "remotes" were exciting things. A "remote" is a broadcast from a location outside the studio or other space from which a show regularly is shot. When I was eight or nine (btw, long before DePauw, Matt), the local radio station did remotes from the newly-opened Metro-Mart (an early, regional form of K-Mart) and Big Wheel Restaurant. Merchants of the establishments in question were happy—they had free advertising. (At least I don’t believe they paid.) The radio station must have been pleased. It did remotes for years and provided listeners with variations on the usual programs it ran.

   We have shot Civil Discourse Now from various locations: Big Hat Books (a lot of times; thanks, Liz), the Red Lion off of Fountain Square, Grady’s Championship Deli, The Recovery Room Lounge, Roaddog Saloon, The Pit Stop, Broad Ripple Tavern, Indy Cigar Bar, The Village Cigar, and most recently Aesops Tables. I know I have omitted several establishments from the list. (Sorry; it’s still before 6 a.m. as I write this.)

   The point I wish to make is that we want to shoot The Show at other Indianapolis businesses or other locations. If you would like the free publicity attendant upon Civil Discourse Now shooting from your place---and from a Show that reaches people across the state on the Indiana Talks internet network---please e-mail me at We shoot from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. We would prefer if, on your premises, you have broad-band or similar means for access to the internet. If you do not, we have the means of hook-up.





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