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Taking on the few who hold the fort on the hill: the GOP

The not-for-profit (NFP) corp that is IN’s GOP is like a fort on a hill that can shoot any who seek to pass it. In 2005, IN’s GOP was incorporated by Citizens United atty James Bopp, Jr. & are written to ensure that those who grabbed it nearly 20 yrs ago don’t lose it via elections. 1/6

Also, neither the IN GOP rules nor articles of incorporation tie the IN GOP to an ideology. Thus a RINO is mythical. Among ways to remove the fort are frontal attack (i.e., running against GOP nominees in elections) and seeking control of the fort from within. Ppl on Twitter ask 2/6

why I’m GOP. The GOP was progressive until some pandered to racists in what had been Dems’ “Solid South.” Ppl who now control the GOP are a minority in this country & w/in the GOP. Rob Kendall is right-wing & host of a radio show on WIBC here in Indy. This week he said 3/6

Dems whine about SCOTUS because Dems keep losing elections for Prez. However, in the past 9 elections for Prez, during Justices now on the Court were nom’d/confirmed, GOP candidate won the popular vote only twice. Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett are not results 4/6

of GOP winners, but of manipulation of the sys of electors in ways unintended by The Framers. Hamilton saw electors as a check on incompetence, corruption & foreign interference in the selection of the “Chief Magistrate.” Electors never have functioned as intended. After all...5/6

in 2016 trump did the trifecta: incompetent, corrupt & owned by a foreign pwr. We need to take back the GOPl. Attack the fort from w/o & w/in. I’m Mark Small: pro environment, pro-choice, pro-civil rights GOP candidate for IN House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 6/6

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