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Abortion opponents kill doctors; ppl in favor of women's rights march & picket

In academic debate, argument based on false premises loses. USA can’t legitimately claim to be the land of the free when 1787 to 1865 it not only allowed but protected slavery. Slaves made up nearly ½ the population of States that seceded in 1861& many were forbidden by law from 1/6

learning how to read & write. At Civil War’s end those 4 million ppl were not absorbed into the economy & recognized as having rights equal to the 5 million other ppl in the South. The South was in ruins. Reconstruction ended when leaders of the 2 major political parties cut a deal 2/6

& Hayes (GOP) was made Pres. The 14th Amendment promised = protection of the law, but former slaves & their descendants fought & died for the right to vote & to have basic education. Separate but = & de jure segregation finally were abandoned in 1954. Women only got 3/6

right to vote in 1919. Roe v Wade recognized women’s autonomy over their lives. Indigenous ppl were driven 2 reservations & killed. Decades of abuse & inequality didn’t just disappear. The mass shooting in Buffalo was motivated by race. Over 60% of the American ppl favor 4/6

gun control & limits on assault weapons.. Ppl who oppose women’s rights under Roe say they’re scared of reaction from the left, but abortion opponents kill doctors. Some of them jacked the GOP & wrote State election laws to leverage control more than ½ our system. “God” directs 5/6

these ppl & rest of us R inferior. But Jesus wasn’t Aryan. If we proceed on the false premise we are free & equal, we miss how these ppl work. I’m Mark Small: pro-choice, pro environment & GOP candidate for Indiana House District 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 6/6

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