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Gun nuts, those who value guns uber alles, have an odd habit, after a mass shooting. Gun nuts scorn those who question gun nuts’ odd interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. Implicit is the idea that gun violence only can be addressed in the absence of mass shootings.

Freedom of speech necessarily includes the right to call for gun control. To be clear, residents of Tombstone, Arizona, and Dodge City, Kansas, enacted strict laws and restricted guns. If guns prevent gun violence, the USA should have no gun violence.

Steps to stop gun violence: 1) Don’t own a gun; 2) Don’t allow people to enter your home if those people carry guns; 3) Encourage friends to follow steps 1 and 2; 4) Demand peer review epidemiological studies of gun violence.

Number 4 is tough because the NRA has blocked CDC studies of gun violence. The solution is two-fold: 1) Demand a change in the law (obviously) and 2) Ask your alma mater to sponsor or conduct such studies. We have to stop gun deaths.

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