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If guns prevent violent crimes, and the USA has nearly twice as many firearms per 100 people (120.5) as second place (Falkland Islands, 62.1; Small Firearms Report, 2017), we should have virtually NO violent crime.

Maybe the problem is those pesky “gun-free zones” where peace-loving people, in disregard of the violence they cause, shilly-shally about. Some examples of “gun-free zones” are the NRA’s annual convention, CPAC, and my living room. Okay, well then...

Maybe the problem is peace-loving enthusiasts of assault weaponry do not have adequate access to their guns of choice at open-air gun shows, private off-the-book sales, or gun stores in other States travel to which is an inconvenience for the average mass killer. Maybe that’s not...

Maybe we need peer-review epidemiological studies of gun violence and its causes. If you want a different description, how about “causes of people who use firearms to kill people (including the 61% themselves)?

Those who value 2nd Amendment rights over any others claim things about guns and crime with little fear their ignorance will be corrected because the NRA FOR NEARLY 3 DECADES (I had to shout) has blocked CDC studies of gun violence.

Write to your member of Congress and stress we need these studies. I shall write such a letter to both U.S. Senators from Indiana and Indiana’s 5th Congressional District Representative. All are GOP and highly unlikely to dispel their own, much less others’, ignorance.

Hell, the U.S. Rep won office for the 5th Congressional District thanks to large influxes of cash from wispy sources, checks written in Cyrillic figures and cash figures in ₧ not $. The NRA makes payroll thanks to Putin. Others draw from that well, too.

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