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States threaten our lives and freedom

Individual States did not coordinate efforts of their respective militias or National guards in December, 1941, to fight in what became called World War II. A year ago the U.S. faced a World conflict with an “enemy” more implacable than in 1941.
If the (now nearly-500,000) deaths from COVID did little to change anyone’s mind about the efficacy of States’ experiments in how we address problems we face, the operation of free market forces in provision of energy in Texas probably won’t matter.
In the 1990s Texas’s GOP leaders deregulated its energy system so that energy companies faced fewer burdens. Plans for horrific cold weather provided insufficient profit. Energy companies cut those cold weather contingencies.
The existence of the political subdivisions called “States” prolonged slavery. The GOP, via States, has gamed the election system to exert unwarranted control over our Federal government over the past 40 years.
GOP members of Congress fear “flyover States” will be disenfranchised while those States have disproportionate representation in Congress. The “Great Compromise” of the 1787 Convention is a vestige of slavery. We should rid ourselves of this archaic thing.
At least some GOP elected officials of Texas have taken control of the crises. Senator Cruz cut short a vacay in Mexico. Personally I think we should be very upset with the government of Mexico. They should have deported him - but to a different country, not the USA.

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Comment by pogden297 on February 19, 2021 at 1:26pm

I just don't get it.  Mark believes the FOUNDING FATHERS were mistaken in their belief that political power should be dispersed to the states to prevent an all-powerful central government such as they experienced in England.  Mark has long believed that our national government is much more wise than the states and that therefore all power should rest with Congress and the President, particularly the latter.  I, on the other hand, have long argued that those in the national government are not always more wise than their counterparts at the state level.

Donald Trump proved me to be correct!  Federalism is what saved our nation's butt during the last four years. The fact Trump couldn't under our constitutional structure dictate policy to states prevented Trump from assuming autocratical (is that a word?) power.  Federalism saved this country time and time again from Donald Trump.  Yet, Mark still wants to throw federalism aside.  Does he not believe a Trump-like autocrat might get elected in 2024, perhaps Trump himself, and we might need federalism to save us once again? 


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