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Saturday's Show: Marjorie Jackson with guest panelists reporter, and author of "Scavengers," Dick Cady, intuitive Marilene Isaacs, and attorney and "Advance Indiana" blogger Gary Welsh.

   Saturday, May 18, we will shoot at the Isaacs Center for Peace, 8001 Westfield Boulevard. We stream live at 11 a.m. Dick Cady, who was awarded a Pulitzer with his work as a reporter for The Indianapolis Star, has written "Scavengers," an account of the Marjorie Jackson's life, a narrative of some Indianapolis history, her murder, and the apprehension of the gang-that-couldn't-shoot-straight types who robbed the millionaire widow, one of whom killed her.

   I was asked a few days ago why this case is relevant now. I think there are several reasons.

   First, Mr. Cady tells a compelling story in "Scavengers." The book is difficult to set down.

   Second, Mrs. Jackson, while not a person for whom I could feel empathy, was sufficiently eccentric that I wanted to continue to read the book.

   Third, the lessons in the book are applicable today. People will kill other people over relatively small sums of money. People frequently are shot down for less than a hundred dollars in this land of the free. Mrs. Jackson held about six million dollars in cash in her home, spent profligately in public, isolated herself, and refused police assistance in her security. These aspects of the case can tell people why they be should be careful about personal security.

   Fourth, as I wrote yesterday, there is something wrong about a system in which a person with few skills can accumulate massive, by most people's standards, wealth and be haughty about that wealth.     

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