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President Obama's policies? Romney seemed to agree with many of them. Obama wins last debate 25-20.

   The final "debate" debate between President Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney again was a "win" for President Obama.

  Here is how I scored it.

   Delivery: Romney was much smoother than the previous two debates. He was slapped down a couple of times by moderator Bob Schieffer when the former Governor tried to ignore the moderator. So that did not get out of hand. President Obama’s delivery was as it was in the last debate. I score Obama a 4 and Romney a 4.

   Responsiveness to questions, the "duck" factor: There were a lot fewer ducks. Each candidate seemed to respond, with exceptions, to the questions asked. Score here: Obama 4, Romney 4.

   Evidence: Obama challenged Romney’s assertions. Again, Romney took liberties with what we generally call "facts." Romney was not as loose as he has been, however. I score Obama a 4 and Romney a 3.

   Demeanor: Both men started out with good demeanor. Romney began to slip toward the end. I score this category 4-3, Obama.

   Organization: Each candidate made a coherent presentation. Score it even at 4-4.

   Gaffes: Points here go to the debater who has fewer or no gaffes. Romney was hit with a great one-liner from President Obama about horses and bayonets. The most telling gaffes, however, might not be characterized as "gaffes." Romney consistently agreed with President Obama’s policies. At one point President Obama pointed out Romney would adopt the same policies, but shout them more loudly. This was a crucial aspect to me. If one agrees with one’s opponent, and the opponent is the incumbent, then why change who is in office? Score this 5 for Obama, 2 for Romney.

   So, the math. Obama: 4 + 4 + 4 +4+ 4 + 5 = 25 points. Romney: 4 + 4 + 3 + 3 + 4 + 2 = 20.

   Others see the debate as having been a blow-out. I have called it as I saw it.

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