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Mourdock's incredibly stupid (and unnecessart) statement blew the debate and, maybe, the election.

   Richard Mourdock’s comment, at the end of last night debate, probably cost him the election. The comment should cost him the election because:

   1) We should want someone to serve as our Senator who is smart enough to watch the national news and avoid committing a foolish act or speaking a foolish thing.

   2) Regardless of one’s views on abortion, Mourdock should have known that an Akin-esque statement about abortion would royally screw up a close campaign—i.e., it only can cost him votes.

   3) As to views on abortion, many believe what he said is wrong.

   One comment skewed the entire debate. Also, in my assessment of the first debate, I noted that Mourdock appeared rational and calm. Wel,, we can toss that assessment out of the window.

   Did Mourdock blow the race? Maybe not, but I hope he did.

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