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Our republic is about to die & SCOTUS...

I’m relieved that, in the very early 1980s, we did not have kids. I would have been worried sick about their future. Stephen Miller, who was trump’s person on immigration, spelled it out in comments last fall that I only read the past few days. 1/6

“[I]n terms of personnel, you go to the red state governors and you say, give us your National Guard. We will deputize them as immigration enforcement officers. ... And if you’re going an unfriendly state like Maryland, well, there would just be Virginia doing the arrest...” [FN1] 2/6

Joseph Nunn, described as an expert on U.S. military policies domestically at the Brennan Center is quoted as saying the President could do such things under the Insurrection Act. Memes have said January 6 was a practice run at a coup. This would tie it up with a bow. 3/6

Our republic is about to die. Electors handed the Oval Office to the GOP in elections the GOP lost in 2000 & 2016. Thomas, recipient of so much largesse he copped The Teapot Dome award for corruption, is the only GOP SCOTUS nominee NOT named by a popular vote loser. 4/6

That means the rule of law, at best, is on life support. As I said, I’m glad we didn’t have kids. On the other hand, I can speak out and make people aware of what is happening. I am a pacifist. I’m not a doormat. Make sure you’re registered to vote. We can’t let them do this. 5/6

FN1. Barron-Lopez, PBS News Hour, “The potential impact of Trump’s extreme deportation and immigration agenda,” 2/12/2024. 6/6

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