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Dear Mr Neil Young: As Republican Party precinct committee person (“PC”) for Washington Township, 21-02, Marion County, Indiana (on the north side of Indianapolis), I must express my displeasure.

Your reaction to the trump campaign’s use of several of your songs is unfair and, because of your recent acquisition of U.S. citizenship, an expression that belies ignorance of the American way of life.

First, if not you, to whom would trump’s campaign turn to plagiarize? Given the rampant orgies of molestation surrounding trump’s recently deceased pal Jeffrey Epstein, a campaign ditty to the tune of Nugent’s “Jail Bait” is unseemly.

Second, what does he do for a second “artist”? That leaves trump in a pickle - no metaphor to long, cylindrical things intended; from media accounts “long” and “trump” do not appear in the same biography.

Third, such artists as Sir Elton John already have denied trump’s campaign access to music garbed in rainbows. However, Mr. Young, Sir Elton is not an American citizen, schooled, as have been many of trump’s former attorneys, in our laws.

By the way, several of your albums are grossly unappreciated. “Journey Through the Past” (soundtrack and concert), “On the Beach” and “Tonight’s the Night” are brilliant. Double albums had utilitarian value. A single album was appreciated for sifting seeds from herbage.

Fourth - and to return to my epistle to you - WTF did they pick those songs? Okay, “Rockin’ in the Free World” they “thought” - well, you understand their idiocy. “Like a Hurricane” - a stretch, but okay.

“Cowgirl in the Sand,” however, I always thought was a sensitive and sensuous - I
get those terms (or was that “sensual”?) confused. Can you not give them a “pass” for stupidity? Wait - they are costing a lot of lives.

While we’re at it, why did you give the same title to two albums? They both are great. And I have to say, as to a different album, the cover of “On the Beach,” with the newspaper headling “Sen Buckley Calls for Nixon to Resign,” is awesome.

Anyway, fifth - Fifth - now that you are here, to understand our laws, I need to tell you a story. God and Satan were in a heated argument over the property lines between Heaven and the Infernal Region.

Many have the mistaken impression that one is above the other, when actually they are side-by-side. God threatened to take Satan to court, to which Satan repledi, “Where are YOU going to get an attorney?

I compare trump to the grand high exalted mystic ruler only for this: trump has stiffed so many lawyers over his “career” that none will represent him, even (or especially) with Putin as a guarantor.

You, better than Sir Elton, can sue trump’s campaign. And that, Mr. Young is the American way - sue the crap out of them, especially when they can’t afford counsel. Besides, today even an Alabama jury would grant you damages because they have that wheel out of the ditch by now.

I want to close on a personal note. For years, friends of mine have been furious over the tonsorial effects of “After the Gold Rush.” Specifically, many were offended by the mutton chop sideburns I wore for years.

These friends had to undergo counseling. Well - I don’t give a damn what they may have thought and, besides, a suicide every now and then among friends is the price we pay for something.

I trust you will do the right thing and sue the bastard. If enough follow suit, we might get somewhere. I think if his campaign adapts Nugent, this country will develop mass insanity. Wait - it already has. Sincerely, Mark Small.

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