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"Nurse Beth" and "Dr Chuck": 2 GOP candidates who prefer trump to science & facts

Health care: be based on science, facts and knowledge and furthered by education. “Nurse Beth” Henderson, one of my opponents in the June 2 primary for the GOP nomination for U.S. House in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District avoids 3 of those components.
Health care professionals who support the idiocracy that is trumpism would be funny, but for the deaths that the “personality” at the center of their cult has cost this country. “Nurse Beth” - her chosen moniker - praises trump.
“Nurse Beth” says she is grateful to talk to folks in the 5th “about how we will work together to rebuild post COVID-19.” How about: what if we are hit with another pandemic? It’s tough to “rebuild” when another crisis hits.
“Dr. Chuck” Dietzen, another of my opponents, said he applauds - get this - trump’s “carefully phased plan to get the American economy running again.” There’s no mention of experts who warn trump’s moving too fast. The 2nd wave of Spanish flu was deadly in 1918.
Neither of these supposed conservatives addresses how things crashed because trump cut the apparatus set up to address a pandemic. (Scary thing: word check indicates the plural for “pandemic” is improper, like more than one is impossible.)
As our economy careens out of control, and we are hit by a second “wave,” will these two health care professionals look to the leadership of Jared and Ivanka, instead of trained professionals with years of experience in a structure formed to address this crisis?
The most important duty of Congress is to question acts of the executive branch - especially when it is headed by a member of one’s own party. Nurse Beth and Dr. Chuck will not question trump’s authority.
The two major political parties are not-for profit (don’t laugh) corporations. Corporations have no ideologies. They function as fictional entities under the laws of the States in which they are incorporated.
Ten years ago the GOP was the target of a hostile takeover by a minority. Neither they, the leadership of today’s GOP nor any of my 15 opponents in the June 2 GOP primary for INCD5 is a “conservative”: one who believes in traditional values.
Knowledge and education are at the core of this country’s values. We always have wanted to know facts. trump disregards warnings and tries to hit the gas. It doesn’t do any good to disconnect the “check oil” light when it comes on.
If you live in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District and are disgusted with the GOP or both major
political parties, on June 2, or in early voting, ask for a GOP ballot and vote for me. If elected, I might only last one term, but it’ll be two years everyone remembers.
My name is Mark Small. I am a GOP candidate for Indiana’s 5th. I am pro-environment, pro-choice, anti-war and anti-dt. I believe in the traditional values of the GOP, not the bastardized values of dt and his minions. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it.

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