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Interactive podcast, avec moi, premiere today at 3 pm!

DATE: April 25, 2020 TIME: 3 p.m. EVENT: Premiere of podcast TITLE: mark “small on your ballot NIFTY THINGS: tweet or e-mail questions to the ONLY candidate in the June 2 Indiana primary for U.S. House District 5 (INCD5) who...
-Is pro-choice, anti-trump, pro-environment, anti-war, pro-science, anti-trump, pro-civil rights, anti-roll backs of EPA, pro-legalization of all drugs, anti-big business, pro-single payer health care and anti-subsidies for professional sports.
-Did I mention I’m anti-trump? Here’s the kicker: I’m a candidate in the June 2 GOP - that’s right! GOP as in Republican - primary. I’m proud to be a progressive - as the GOP historically has been.
So - I shall field questions and address issues. None of my 14 opponents - it’s easy to lose track of how many since they all say the same things - has responded to the challenge I issued to debate.
Two - Micah Beckwith and Kent Abernathy - issued, and I accepted, bold challenges to debate. Neither replied to my acceptance, so I infer neither is so “bold.” Beckwith makes wild claims of his debate abilities.
I would be shaking in my Chuck Taylors®, except Beckwith runs away from confrontation.
I shall let everyone know details of where to find the podcast on the internet. The equipment is in place, the set is ready, and if any of my stands on the issues is unclear, starting at 3 p.m., people can ask.
If you live in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District - or anyplace else in the cosmos - and are disgusted with the GOP or both major political parties, tune in to the podcast. As I said, details are soon to follow.
My name is Mark Small. I am a GOP candidate for Indiana’s 5th. I am pro-environment, pro-choice, anti-war and anti-dt. I believe in the traditional values of the GOP, not the bastardized values of dt and his minions. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it.

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