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New Ross, Indiana: Today's Show, a festival, and a crisp autmn day.

   New Ross is located on U.S. 136 12 miles southeast of Crawfordsville. The 2010 census placed the population at 347. The town has its own zip code (47968) and fire station. Three years ago residents decided to put on a play to raise money  for the Leland Cornett Memorial Park, a nature park. The money is handled by a 501(c)(3) organization. The first year, the play was put on by members of the New Ross High School class of 1971, the last year of the school's existence. The next's year's play was put on by members of the class of 1968. This year's production will be put on by members of the class of 1963.

   In a Judy Garland/Andy Rooney (there's 12-step pair for you, or 24-step, since there were two of them) movie, a bunch of kids (yes, they were kids once) decide to put on a play. They use someone's barn. In New Ross, Indiana, a resident (who is 89 years old) allows people who work on the play to use his barn for ten weeks of rehearsals. Two nights of rehearsals (I would guess final dress) are done at the town's fire station. The weekend brings two nights of performances. There is no charge for admission and all monies donated got to the aforementioned (yes, I'm a lawyer) nature park.

   Civil Discourse Now will stream live from New Ross, Indiana, from 11 am to 1 pm. Guest panelist Matt Stone ("Indy Student") will join us as we talk with local residents at the fire station. Since the play's set (I presume) is there, I shall try not to blow any lines or knock over any furniture.

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