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Maybe Bill Maher was right: 1 party has no brains & the other has no ba...

People told me I cannot have certain views or I shall not “win.” What does it mean to “win” in these times? If one holds office but does only that considered reasonable? Let me get a few things out of the way.
People are fed up with one party being stupid and bigoted and the other being reticent - to say it politely - about taking certain stands. As Bill Maher said a cpl of yrs ago, one party has no balls - sorry if that seems gender or whatever specific, but nothing seems to carry the same message; I’ve always thought women are as strong & vaginas more resilient and ... you get the point
Lot of people in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District find the GOP abhorrent and are socially progressive and fiscally conservative. I’m talking to you. Here are issues & my position on each.
Guns: unless you’re in law enforcement, the military, a licensed body guard or a collector, you have no business w/a firearm. Hunters? Should go through testing & be able to have a long rifle & be under close watch.
Otherwise, sorry about this, but - I cringe to have to pull back on the language - screw the NRA. (It’s actually taking money from Russia to subvert our country.)
My opponents are very opposed to Fed deficits, but have no problem w/running up the credit card for the military & in essence want the poor to die - the net effect of their views, although they probably will be angry to hear I say this. SLASH the military budget in half.
We have the most over-priced and badly-rated health care in the World. The advanced countries - I don’t think we can be included among them - have, get thi SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. Private insurance companies add overhead & dickheads to the equation.
Our environment improved over the years from about 1970 when the EPA was established. Why would we eliminate that agency & the protections we receive from it.
Finally, for now, the so-called electoral college. One of my opponents, Danny Niederberger, argues in favor of the side w/fewer votes winning as some sort of principle of a republic - no capital “r” there.
Not even in Bush v Gore did anyone trot out some crap like that for an argument. Even going back to the 1876 election, backers of Rutherford B Hayes said they won more votes.
I was bummed out not to be invited to a “Freedom Forum” on December 7. Sorry, but since Falwell & his filth worked to jack our country, “freedom” and “majority” - yeah, Danny, even those pricks have to fall back on a myth of having more people - have lost their meaning.
I’m a candidate for the GOP nomination for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. The primary is May 5. Let’s have a party then. I’ll post more about issues & my stands. Until then, let’s hope for the best.

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