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Marion County GOP: change it or lose it

Into the 1990s the GOP controlled Indianapolis and Marion County. As Indy’s people became more diverse, political beliefs became more progressive. As a lead-up to Saturday’s caucus to elect a GOP County Chair, a candidates’ forum will take place Wednesday at 7.

The candidates - John Schmitz, Alex Henby and Joe Elsener - will answer questions from topic areas of which they have received advance notice. The topic areas indicate the mindset of party leaders:

“Fundraising, grassroots organization, winning elections, recruiting PCs. Poll workers and winning independent and conservative Ds. Minority votes. And how do you unite the Trump vs. Non-Trump segments of the party.”

The GOP now holds five of 25 seats on the City-County Council. The offices of Mayor and all nine county-wide offices are held by Democrats. Some of the topic areas are tactical and relate to the general job of the County Chair: how to win elections.

Several phrases hint at issues: “independent and conservative Ds. Minority votes... unite the Trump vs. Non-Trump segments of the party.” In the face of a shift of population that is far more progressive, the GOP seems blind.
To win elections, the Marion County GOP must seek candidates of this time (the Twenty-first Century) and this place (Indianapolis, a metropolitan area of almost 900K). Those “Minority” and “independent” folks tend to vote blue for reasons.

Here is a suggestion to the Marion County GOP. If your topics fail to mention women, but over a dozen words are devoted to a racist buffoon who lost this County 63.7 to 34.5%, the prospects of GOP victory are not good. Tactics mean nothing without substance - good substance.

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