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It's exercise of free market, not "cancel culture"

I’m surprised the Republican Party has begun to turn communistic. Quite clever, these red agitators. They have framed the most basic and cherished of liberties - one’s choices in the marketplace - as a limit on “free speech.”

Where and how a person spends money is basic to liberty. Supposed Republicans say that we have to spend money with their pals. They frame anything else as “cancel culture.” Example: if you find the guy with the pillow company offensive, they say you still have to buy his stuff.

Never mind that his pillows simply are chopped-up foam rubber. That he probably carries fecal matter in his wallet as photo-ID is irrelevant. If you don’t buy his pillows, they seem to say, you have infringed on his liberties.

Sorry, but the most basic of votes in (what is supposed to be) a free market society is cast with one’s money. His right to speak is not infringed. Let the voting machine companies handle that. But don’t infringe on OUR free market.

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