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Make sure you're registered to vote & then vote. Or else? Don't bitch.

People died to secure the right to vote. If you (1) are eligible to vote (2) and fail to register or (3) register but fail to vote, you’ve repulsively raised your middle finger, as you sit on your butt, and demeaned their efforts. At this moment I don’t care for whom you vote. 1/4

If you lean Democratic Party: register & vote (R & V). Fair notice: I’m GOP precinct committee chair (PC), Marion County, Indiana, Washington Township, precinct 21-01. If you lean GOP: R & V. If you look at individual candidates & think the major parties suck: R & damn V. 2/4

If you’re Socialist, Libertarian or another non-major party: R & V. Indiana’s Secretary of State has Info for voting: The info I provide is general for Indiana. Any questions: contact your county clerk or Secretary of State. 3/4

MAKE SURE YOU’RE REGISTERED TO VOTE. When apathy wins, everyone loses. I’m Mark Small: pro-voting rights, pro-legalization of drugs, pro-choice, pro-civil rts GOP candidate, Indiana House Distr 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 4/4

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