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Last evening's "Mouthwash" podcast & Croddy's idiocy

John Schmitz, both a Client and a friend of mine, invited me, Chris Moore and Robert Croddy to be guests for last evening’s episode of Mr Schmitz’s podcast “Mouthwash.” Mr. Croddy was an early supporter of number 45 who was given the 86 by the American electorate.

Our topic was: “the fix is in, ‘fairness in elections.’” The context: the March 6 Marion County GOP caucus. All four participants are precinct committee people (PCs) and had attended the caucus, where Mr. Schmitz staged an unsuccessful run for Marion County chair.

My focus was on the “two major political parties,” as they are described in Indiana’s election laws, and how their status as corporate entities is troublesome. John asked questions. I ignored Mr. Croddy’s several references to election fraud in the 2020 elections.

Finally, I could not ignore those claims. The bottom line: in the several swing States trump lost, GOP (as in Republican) election officials stated there was no fraud. Mr Croddy stated “facts,” all shown to be false claims, that voter fraud occurred on a mass scale.

After I pointed out that trump lost - i.e., received fewer votes than his opponent - in both the 2016 and 2020 elections and that trump’s incompetence resulted in well over 500,000 people’s deaths from COVID, Mr Croddy asked if I am pro-life.

If debate had been civil, to that point, it deteriorated. Having watched (and winced during) the first 2020 campaign “debate” between Now-President Biden and Mr Croddy’s fave, I was not going to be verbally bullied. I feel I gave better than I got.

Yesterday a National Intelligence Council (NIC) report set out Russian attempts at interference in the 2020 elections. In the face of Mr Croddy’s claims of election fraud, I noted both the NIC report and the GOP’s efforts to suppress the vote.

In the show’s last segment, meant to be humorous, Mr Schmitz and guests don tin foil hats to espouse odd conspiracies. (Mine? 1787 Constitution aimed to prevent Canada’s entry into the Union, per the Articles of Confederation). Mr Croddy reiterated his claims of election fraud.

Various people are credited with saying: “Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” Authoritarians are not known for senses of humor. I do not remember Mr Croddy cracking a smile during the show. That’s too bad, given the laughable nature of his claims about the 2020 elections.

Suggested topics for upcoming shows include guns (however one wishes to describe that topic area). Some suggest never bring a knife to a gun fight. In such an instance as discussion of guns, I think rapier wit would do well against Mr Croddy’s half capacity.

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