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Entities that can act but not suffer consequences: political parties

Two corporations write the laws to determine who writes the laws. Heywood Broun said media aren’t biased toward big business; the media are big business. The two major political parties go beyond bias toward corporatism. They are impenetrable corporations.

For a light read: Developments in the State Regulation of Major and Minor Political Parties, 82 Cornell LRev 109 (1996). “[P]olitical scientists have found that the Democrats and Republicans ‘have built themselves virtually impenetrable barriers against challenge by new parties.’”

...or by the People from whom Governments derive “their just powers.” Decl of Independence. The principle that We, the People, control the government, no longer is valid. A corporation is a fictional entity that acts with very real consequences and hardly any accountability.

People who ponder business on their own know the advantages of incorporation. Generally they can’t be held liable for the acts of an employee who screws up in a way that’s uninsured. If you “go public,” people can buy stock and take over the corporate entity.

Political parties have to be one of three types of entity to do things: individual proprietorship, partnership or corporation. Individual state parties (& one may reasonably infer all 50 States) are formed as corporations. The Indiana Republican Party (“State GOP”) is a nonprofit.

James Bopp, Jr., who was trial counsel in Citizens United, incorporated the State GOP and set up a nonprofit corporation that mirrors the utter disregard for citizen control of Citizens United. I am shocked that we cannot effectively control the two major political parties.

I wish everyone a great evening. We all need to get rest when we can. We have a lot of work ahead of us.

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