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Indianapolis International Film Festival: our last weekend coverage!

   We will stream "live" from the Indianapolis Museum of Art, at 38th Street and Michigan Road, from 11 am to 1 pm, to cover, for the second weekend, this year's Indianapolis International Film Festival. Our guests will include Qunicy Rose, filmmaker and director of "Miles to Go," a feature-length flick; an actor from a short film, "Rearview Mirror"; Craig Mince and Luke Sanders, from the Indianapolis International Film Festival; and members of a panel discussion that will take place after The Show. We shall discuss with them the film industry, how it relates to the State of Indiana's film program, and what is being done to encourage film making in Indiana.

   I have said this previously, but I must repeat: if you want to maximize the benefits of expenditure of an entertainment dollar, the Indianapolis International Film Festival is about as good as it gets. It is like getting a ride in a BMW 3-Series for the price of a 1996 Chrysler. You will see films about subjects and of a quality you will not see elsewhere.

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