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IN budget surplus should go to infrastructure: e.g., healthcare

A 60-ish male is prudent to consult a urologist, especially if residual neuropathy makes a catheter necessary to tap a kidney. Urinary tract infections (UTI)s are not uncommon for ppl who use catheters. Urologist’s office this morning: couldn’t get to it & go see Doc-in-the-Box. 1/4

1) Indiana has a budget surplus in the billions. We need to shore up infrastructure, in healthcare, roads & education. People do not want to work on the front lines in healthcare. Pay sucks, the risk of death (from contagion or, hey, guns because guns are everywhere) is high. 2/4

2) Privatized health care kills. Only TWO of the 37 countries ahead of us have systems that aren’t gov’t-run, i.e., “socialized medicine.” Those two aren’t far ahead of us. Long lines for health care in Canada are a myth. High mortality rates here aren’t. 3/4

In profit-centered health care ppl come in 2nd to profits. I’m Mark Small: pro-legal weed, pro-legal drugs, pro-choice, pro environment, pro-civil rts, pro-democracy & GOP nominee for Indiana House District 86. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it. 4/4

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