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"Importantville," the need for local journalism & Merde de Poulet

Tuesday (Tues, 5/21, 9 pm) on John Schmitz’s podcast “Mouthwash” [FN1] the guest will be Adam Wren. [FN2] He writes for Importantville [FN3] which fills gaps the internet created in local news coverage. In 1994, a daily newspaper like The Indianapolis Star was a fixture. 1/11

For all its faults, The Star covered local news in more categories than politics, & in tones less “rah rah.” Mr Wren’s interview of Micah Beckwith [FN4] shows local focus on questions that no one else has asked of someone who seeks power. [FN5] 2/11

1) Beckwith’s “run” for Lt Gov is based on falsehoods. He posted: “I have spent the last 346 days making sure that the 1814 delegates from all 92 counties have a VOICE and a CHOICE at the Indiana Republican State Convention. I WILL NOT BE A RUBBER STAMP!” [FN6] 3/11

a) Delegates were chosen in the May 7 primary. Beckwith recruited people, for 346 days, to be delegates for him at the 6/15/24 GOP State Convention. [FN7] Delegates yet to be chosen have no voice at a yet-to-be convened convention, 4/11

b) Beckwith’s is the only voice to claim the delegates have neither voice nor choice.
c) In the most recent GOP State Convention, in 2022, delegates selected Diego Morales over the incumbent, and party favorite, Holli Sullivan. [FN8] 5/11.

2) Beckwith has said “The Lord,” on 1/7/21, claimed credit for the Jan 6 insurrection. Mr Wren asked Beckwith about that talk. [FN9] Beckwith added new details. A Lt Gov Beckwith would replay what he did to HEPL or try to emulate far-right GOP members of Congress. 6/11

Beckwith [FN10] contacted me in 2020 to debate. I said yes. It never happened. I can’t empathize w/Beckwith. He seeks to impose Christofascism on the rest of us. He’s neither bright nor well-read. Mostly, though: I never have been frightened of an opponent. 7/11

FN1. Mouthwashtalkshow is on Facebook, live. Past shows are recorded & available on the FB page.
FN2. Adam Wren is national political correspondent for Politico, has written for other news media, & is a writer for Importantville. 8/11

FN3. “Importantville is your indispensable guide to the intersection of Indiana politics, business, and power.” home page, Accessed 5/20/24.
FN4. Ham County preacher, lost 2020 GOP primary for INCD5; resigned, board member of Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL). 9/11

FN5. Wren, “Confessions of an (Alleged) Book Banner, Importantville, 9/24/23.
FN6. @ MicahBeckwith, X (formerly Twitter, 5/16/24. (Emphasis in the original). 10/11

FN7. There are advantages to being blocked from various Beckwith websites. The 5/2 letter is online various places.
FN8. Ballotpedia, Diego Morales.
FN9. Id.,
FN10. “Merde de Poulet.” 11/11

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