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If I win June 2 primary I'll donate GOP $ to food banks in INCD5

As people die across the country due to the incompetence of the current occupant of the Oval Office, I believe we need to focus on what candidates in Tuesday's primary for Indiana's 5th Congressional District can do to help - with healing, not with stoking fires of hatred.

Mark Small for Congress
Indiana’s 5th Congressional District
GOP primary June 2, 2020

For release: May 31, 2020 Contact information:

Only anti-trump candidate in GOP field:
“Any party funds will go to food banks.”

Indianapolis, May 31, 2020 - Kyle Hupfer, Indiana Republican Party chairman, in an e-mail on Saturday emphasized the importance of the 5th Congressional District race and exhorted Republicans “to fight Nancy Pelosi’s liberal machine from stealing this election.”

Mr. Hupfer implicitly promised the primary winner would receive campaign funds: “Once the primary is over and we have a Republican nominee, it’s critical that we have these funds ready to support him or her from Day One.”

For too long the GOP has overseen the pillage of America’s poor and working class. I am glad Mr. Hupfer has pledged such funds.

If I win the GOP primary on June 2, I promise I shall donate every single penny to food banks in the 5th Congressional District.

Every single penny.

We need to help people in these difficult times. A candidate can reach as many people on the internet as on TV. Money should be spent to help people - during or after campaigns. Good will is generated by acts of good will.

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