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GOP has lost any claim to being "Party of Lincoln," esp w/a treasonous speaker at a Johnson Co dinner

Shame & revulsion are positive if they spark change and the change is positive. This time of year, the two major political parties celebrate presidents each claims as its own. In 2016, the Indiana Democratic Party dropped the moniker “Jefferson-Jackson dinner.” [FN1] 1/9

Jefferson, 3rd POTUS, wrote a 1st draft of The Declaration of Independence, [FN2] but claimed to own human beings, whose numbers moved “above and below 200.” [FN3] Andrew Jackson had > 200 slaves & oversaw genocide of indigenous peoples. [FN4] 2/9

Revulsion is a frequent & appropriate response to this iteration of the GOP. trump promises to seek revenge if he re-takes the Oval Office. By (sharp) contrast, Lincoln said, in his 2nd inaugural address: “With malice toward none, with charity for all.” [FN5] Lincoln sought to heal 3/9

a Nation after four years of bloody Civil War. trump’s upset because he lost the 2020 election, as he did in 2016, but Putin was unable to rig it again. Lincoln’s speech displayed grace. trump can neither feel nor express grace. Then, this morning, I saw that the Johnson County GOP 4/9

has its Lincoln Day dinner today at 5:30. Members of this iteration of the GOP seem amused by such things as a Confederate flag in The Capitol on Jan 6. This iteration of the GOP has lost any right to call itself the “Party of Lincoln.” Lincoln was gracious, but he also refused to 5/9

negotiate w/the Confederacy. They had committed treason. Fortunately, health reasons prevent me from attending today’s dinner. trump, jr., is the featured guest/speaker. The thought of being in the same room has an emetic quality. And, one more thing. 6/9

Putin rigged the 2016 election. To enable that to have occurred is treason. To accept the benefits and try to keep that office for Putin’s benefit is treason. This iteration of the GOP cannot claim to be the “Party of Lincoln.” Hell, it shouldn’t be called a party. It’s a cult. 7/9

FN1. Haynes, CNHI News, “Democrats dump Jefferson, Jackson names from dinner”,04/12/16.
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