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GOP candidates who support trump are irresponsible

We face an economic depression, something few today have lived through, caused by this administration’s bungling of the pandemic. We now face 20 percent unemployment. How fitting that trump was ignorant of Nero fiddling as Rome burned.
trump, in varied turns, denied COVID-19 was a threat; said we had very few cases; we had cases but his actions would head off crisis; there might be a crisis, but it will be very short; the crisis will last a couple of months.
trump: blew off how President Obama’s people had planned for a pandemic, dismantled the group formed to address a pandemic, then - huckster to the core - tried to make money from the crisis (as son-in-law Jared’s little brother has).
trump wanted the reported numbers of people infected kept low so as not to hurt his chances for re-election. The eight weeks trump lost between denial and (maybe?) Finally understanding this is a crisis could have been used to avoid where we are.
Multiple-choice tests never have “least of the evils” as an answer, yet that is what our elections have become. Our two-party - these two specific parties as they have regressed - system sucks. The parties’ candidates beholden to moneyed interests.
I am the only candidate for U.S. House in Indiana’s 5th Congressional District (INCD5) who will say trump is an abomination. For that matter, Pence is, too. I might be the only GOP candidate in the United States who says trump is worse than a fool.
The fires of the pandemic we face were at the very least fanned by trump. For anyone in either of the two “major” political parties to support trump now is unacceptable. Yet each of my opponents seems bedazzled by trump. Examples:
Kent Abernathy worked for Pence and lauds trump for “rebuilding our economy” - Abernathy is an idiot on that point. Andrew Bales’s position “closely mirrors” trump. Sorry, Andy: don’t look into that mirror.
Micah Beckwith wants a theocracy - in his mind you aren’t capable of morality if you are anything but his type of Christian & he thinks trump is a great Prez - i.e., Beckwith is a bigot and proud it.
Carl Brizzi vows to “fight alongside the President” against “mainstream socialism.” Brizzi is trump’s kinda guy: while Marion County prosecutor, Brizzi paid zero for a 50 percent interest in a company that owned an Elkhart office building valued at almost $500K.
Dr. Chuck Dietzen “agrees with most of the policies” promoted by trump. Beth Henderson really goes low: Democrats are playing politics while trump is “leading the fight” against the coronavirus. Henderson is delusional.
Danny Niederberger loves trump’s wall and all things “trump” and is without a clue when it comes to The Constitution (right there w/trump himself). Victoria Spatz admits she worked on trump’s 2016 campaign and helped found Hamilton County’s tea party.
If - I repeat If - we are allowed to have a general election in November, the greatest challenge will be to re-build what trump has destroyed. We must eliminate tax cuts for the rich, cut by half a military budget that both strangles us and makes us less secure.
We need Federal legislation to ban such things as TIFs and subsidies to corporations - things definitely not in the “free market” my opponents profess to love. We need to re-build our infrastructure.
When I drove by a gunstore/shooting range yesterday, the parking lot was full. Guns kill almost 40K people per year. We need to repeal the Dickey and the Tiahrt amendments: laws that effectively prevent peer review studies of gun violence.
Roe v. Wade was written by a GOP-nominated Justice; 5 of 7 votes were GOP-nominees. It is good law. I will vote to protect that decision and to provide health care for all - something that will curtail pregnancies and therefore abortions.
If you live in INCD5 and eligible, please make sure you’re registered to vote. Any voter can request a GOP primary ballot. We face a constitutional crisis. The GOP has to be taken back from the minority that jacked it a few years ago.
My name is Mark Small. I am a GOP candidate from the nomination for U.S. House District 5. I am pro-choice, pro-environment, anti-war and anti-dt. I approve of this blog. Hell, I wrote it.

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Comment by pogden297 on March 18, 2020 at 12:09pm

I actually liked the first part of this article.  As a lifelong Republican, I am dismayed that so many of my fellow Republicans decided to jump on the Trump Train, despite the clear fact the man didn't have the competence, the temperament and the intelligence to be President.    Being a failed businessman but successful reality show star on which he pretended to be a successful businessman, is not sufficient background to be President of the United States.  So many of my fellow Republicans knew better and yet they threw away their principles and integrity to support this President.

I certainly don't blame Trump for everything associated with COVID-19, i.e. Budweiservirus (the makers of Corona beer deserve a break), but clearly Trump bungled how his administration approached a crisis not of its own making.  Part of that is because of Trump's personality flaws.  Trump does not believe in planning for the future.  He believes in reacting to what is happening in the present.    That might work as president of a family run business (actually it didn't as Trump declared bankruptcy 6 times), but it is a disaster-waiting-to-happen as President.

I don't live in the 5th District, but this Republican will NOT be voting for any GOP candidate who is riding on the Trump Train.   Anyone who is doing that lacks the integrity and backbone for elected office.


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