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GA voting law: not just incredibly bad "optics"

Georgia’s new voting laws provide “bad optics.” An African-American female member of their legislature knocked on the office door to witness the governor, flanked by white males and seated under a painting of a plantation, sign the changes into law.

“Q” enthusiasts doubt reality and have no room to complain. Rep Park Cannon wanted to see the signing of the measure into law. “Q” people are feign to acknowledge down is up, trump lost or that a mass shooting is any more than a bad day. We need witnesses to such acts.

Evidence is mounting that this iteration of the Republican Party, in this State, other States (such as Georgia) and nationwide, is being ripped apart from inside. Here are some items: 1) allow a life long Democrat under foreign control “lead” the party.

2) bet everything on a shrinking demographic (aging white males) and simultaneously anger the rest of the electorate, whose right to vote was secured by blood and suffering, by blocking their right to vote. They’ll now walk over hot coals, even without water.

3) join the Deep State, like Georgia’s GOP leaders who now embrace CANCEL CULTURE by turning their backs on famed Peach State brands Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines because those corporations bad mouth the voting laws.
In 1945 then-General Dwight Eisenhower insisted that residents of towns near camps, at which Nazis had executed people on an industrial scale, walk through those camps. He wanted to make sure that no one could doubt later doubt what the Nazis had done. Ike was naive.

Lincoln said: “Let the people know the facts and the country will be safe.” A corollary is if you cast doubt on reality, don’t complain when someone calls you on it. The GOP built itself into the USA political structure. It was taken over once. We have to grab it back.

There are enough good people who are non-racist, non-zeno-phobic, and place the planet and humanity above personal greed to salvage the country. Rep Cannon only knocked on a door. For this Easter weekend she should have tacked up some theses.

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