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Far right candidates (esp my opponent) should declare themselves

Steve Bannon, a few years ago & between bouts of enhancing gin blossoms on his nose, said ppl on the far right need to run for offices at every level. As part of this effort, some on the far right try to fly under the radar of voters. Some issues would seem unrelated to some local offices. For example... 1/5 

City-County Council in Indianapolis/Marion County discusses local development and taxes. Yet women’s reproductive rights, institutional racism, homelessness and the absurd “war on drugs” are issues that (1) arise to some degree before the Council or (2) are relevant when a candidate might seek 2/5 

higher office. The GOP was founded as a progressive party in 1854. Democrats had the “Solid South,” racists angry they lost the Civil War. Ds & Rs had progressive & conservative wings. In 1964, GOP cynics saw a chance, via pandering to racists, to make the South Solid for the GOP. Today? There should be 3/5 

no “stealth” candidates. My beliefs: pro-choice, pro-environment, anti-gun, anti-TIFs, pro-civil rights, pro-voting rights and favor separation of church and State. These are positions held by the GOP until a few years ago. Now the GOP has no platform. My opponent in May’s GOP primary, Matt Hills 4/5 

should let ppl know. Pro choice? Favor enforcement of the Voting Rights Act? Oppose TIFs? Favor any restrictions on private ownership of guns? I’m Mark Small, GOP candidate in District 2. (Euchre, Matt, is a Hoosier pastime.) I approve of this message. Hell, I wrote it. 5/5  


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