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DePauw alums! Wabash alums! Heed the call for this Wednesday at BRT!

   This Saturday is the Monon Bell Game, the annual contest between the football teams of DePauw University and Wabash College. I graduated from DePauw. As I wrote last week, I received an e-mail invitation from the DePauw Alumni Association to the Monon Bell Stag, a party held, this year at the Murat, in which drinks are served, dinner had and humorous speakers speak. The "stag" did not occur for about a dozen years. Perhaps the notion of an all-male event for alumni of two schools, one of which is co-ed, struck people as anachronistic with its inherent sexism. Because the e-mail invitation was sent by two DePauw alums and one of those two was female, I responded and asked if this meant, since a woman signed off on the e-mail, that the "stag" was now an event women also could attend. The polite response to my e-mail said no, that was something being worked on.

   This is 2013. A "stag" held jointly for alums of our schools should not be a thing of the past. If people---obviously all male---wish to attend the event at the Murat, those people have the freedom to make that choice. If, however, you are an alum either of DePauw or Wabash and wish to express spirit of camaraderie as you consume spirits, please drop by the Broad Ripple Tavern on Wednesday, November 13. The "stag" starts at 6. I shall be at BRT about 5. This is not a formal gathering. Just show up to converse and express, by exercise of one's right to peaceably assemble and one's right to freely express one's beliefs, your support for this alternative to a "stag."

   I will wear a DePauw cap and a DePauw shirt. My "Wabash Sucks" t-shirt no longer fits me. Either it shrank, or someone broke into the house, switched out my shirt with one of a much smaller size, and left me with what I have. Anyway, hope to see you there.  

   Also, this Saturday Civil Discourse Now will stream live from Moore's Bar in Greencastle.

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