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Corruption in a Big City: Focus of a new segment of The Show.

   We have a newspaper that acts as a cheerleader for a Mayor who openly showers campaign backers with neat gifts. We use Tax Increment Finance ("TIF") districts---now banned by statute, as a local government funding mechanism in the State where they first were developed because they destroyed local economies---to create slush funds for a Mayor who seems to care only for the wealthy. There is no check on corruption---a plague that does not necessarily involve illegal conduct.

  On Saturday, March 29, we shall offer the World Premiere of a tale of a city. Marionville is beset by many problems with which people in Indianapolis are familiar. The ten-minute weekly segment is reminiscent of the radio serials of the 1930s. Tune in to follow the hijinks of Mayor Mallard ("quack!"), his Chief of Staff Wright Wong, and also a dope peddler who gets a City Council hooked on the drug TIF ("every taste is free for a member of the Council---it's the next generations of tax payers who will foot the bill for this buzz!")

   If conventional, serious media refuse to address corruption, then we shall do so on the internet through sophomoric humor! 

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