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People can try to shut you up because you’re boring, but when they shut down access to media, it is something more. Last week, in a two-minute op-ed on “Mouthwash,” John Schmitz’s podcast on Facebook, I criticized Micah Beckwith, IN GOP’s nominee for Lt Gov. 1/8

Beckwith took a different approach by recruiting people to “run” for slots as State convention delegates. Beckwith probably recruited people who have the capacity to be moral. Beckwith has said only Christians have the capacity to be “moral.” [FN1] 2/8

I took a different approach. I criticized the nihilism that is at the core of what today are called “evangelicals,” in the 1980s “fundamentalists” & in the 1970s “born agains.” That whole school of (non)-thought is embraced by Beckwith, but not by a majority of Christians. 3/8

Belief that the destruction of the world is the will of some bizarre deity is belief in “nothing.” Destruction is their goal. When some commented that I don’t understand Christianity, they seem to think no one listens, as I did growing up, to sermons at churches I’d visit. 4/8

The “end of days” was revisited each week. There seemed to be smug satisfaction that everyone who failed to believe their bullshit will go to hell. Those who denied the “end of days” preaching are lying. Beckwith’s problems include people who get wind of his beliefs. 5/8

They might remember movies where a would-be president seeks power using religious zealotry. So: they’re blocking me on Facebook. No doubt they’ll try every place else. The greatest threats to Beckwith are truth and its dissemination. 6/8

We face threats from him & those who share his beliefs. If he gets power, he won’t let go. And those movies w/power-hungry religious zealots never end in the “final war.” Those are works of fiction. Spread the word & share my blogs. 7/8

Beckwith, Facebook video, “The Church’s role in politics,” 10/24/19. 8/8

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